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From Factory to Fork - Caprese Salad by Caseificio Paestum

Tomato and mozzarella (and basil), also called and known as caprese or caprese salad, is a traditional and widespread combination in the Mediterranean diet. Two products that form a unique meeting of flavors. Whether classic, revisited or alternative, the Caprese salad has always found the same success over the years, constituting an omnipresent dish on the menus of Italian families (and beyond).

The origin of the Caprese salad can only be Italian. The patriotic colors: the white of the mozzarella, the red of the tomato and the green of the basil; undoubtedly refer to the colors of the Italian flag. In addition, its name: “caprese”, recalls Naples and its province, and confirms the importance of the island of Capri in the birth of this fresh dish, excellent in every season.


The main ingredients of the original recipe 

Caprese salad is one of the simplest dishes of our tradition, so much so that calling it a “recipe” is almost out of place. Only the right ingredients are enough to make a really good classic caprese. 

Let’s start with the tomato. Avoid canned tomatoes, green, overripe or small tomatoes. The product must be of a size congruent to the mozzarella, so that when you go to cut it into slices it will adapt to its shape. Avoid “coppery” tomatoes and prefer organic ones, favoring heavy ones (therefore with a lot of pulp inside). 

Also for mozzarella it makes the different choosing an handcrafted and genuine product, and why not chose them directly at the dairy. To give even more flavor to the caprese, buffalo mozzarella is certainly the perfect choice, both for taste and to respect the italian tradition. 

Don’t forget the basil. A self-respecting Caprese salad requires a few tufts of tasty basil, possibly just removed from the plant (basil is easy to grow, even on the terrace). 

Even the oil must be exclusively extra virgin olive oil. To top it all off, you can add a pinch of salt but always without exaggerating, or you will ruin the delicious and authentic taste of the Caprese salad. 

Finally, if you want to give a more decisive flavor to your caprese salad you can add Pesto alla Genovese, olives and capers, as shown in the photo below. 

Caseificio Paestum wishes you Buon appetito!

Caprese Salad by Caseificio Paestum