Caseificio Paestum

The Production of Buffalo Mozzarella at Caseificio Paestum

The buffalo mozzarella from Caseificio Paestum is produced exclusively with whole buffalo milk, coming from nearby Dutch farms. Milk that is heated and then acidified with natural whey. 

Coagulation is carried out by adding natural rennet to the milk, thus obtaining the curd, which is left to purge and mature. 

Spinning follows, a very delicate phase of processing, during which the ripe pasta is cut into thin slices and placed in a container in which boiling water is added; after which the melted dough is spun obtaining a shiny dough. 

Finally, using the hands, the pasta is “cut off” with the index finger and thumb, thus obtaining the mozzarella which is dropped into cold water to be then subjected to salting by immersion. 

Before being packaged, it is immersed in the preserving liquid composed of water and salt. From the manufacturing process, numerous fresh stretched curd cheeses are obtained which differ only in shape and size: mozzarella, bocconcino, cardinalino, treccia, treccina, etc. 


How to recognize a good mozzarella? 

You can recognize the freshness of mozzarella from its external appearance: porcelain white color, very thin crust of about one millimeter with a smooth surface, neither slimy nor flaky. 

To get a real example of the characteristics and qualities that a good mozzarella must have, come and visit us at Caseificio Paestum to experience the freshness of our dairy products for yourself!